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Google Authenticator in Infestation: New Z is used to 'double' secure accounts and link them to a phone / other device.


Infestation: New Z allows users to 'double' verify accounts using external devices as extra login security measure. Double verification in Infestation: New Z goes through 'Google Authenticator' which is mainly used by phones but can also be used in browsers. The goal of double verification is so users can secure their account more; when double verification setted up; and someone knows that user's password; the person trying to login to the account would still need the user's phone to log in to the account. In this way even if a user's password gets leaked, possible hackers still can't steal / log in to other user's accounts.

Enabling double verification in Infestation: New Z is highly recommended as it makes it very hard for hackers to steal your account.

Enabling Google Authenticator

Here's a step by step guide about how to enable double verification for your Infestation: New Z account. There's some requirements needed for the double verification:

  • You are going to need a smartphone that where you can install apps on.
  • You are going to need an Infestation: New Z account.

Here's how to set up double verification for your Infestation: New Z account:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the "security" tab.
  3. Click on "Launch Google Authenticator".
  4. You will get a pop-up about "Google Authenticator: Overview". It should show "Current Status: Disabled".
  5. In the meanwhile go to any 'app store' on your phone and download an app called 'Google Authenticator'. Here's a link to the official app:
  6. Now (from step 4) click on "next".
  7. Click on "enable".
  8. Go back to your phone, open the 'Google Authenticator' app, and somewhere on the top right of your screen should be a "+" button. Click on that.
  9. Use either "scan bar code" or "scan manually" (what ever you prefer).
  10. After doing this, the app should add your account on the list and immediately show a code.
  11. Go back to your computer and type the code in the field. Then click on "Enable Google Auth".
  12. A message should pop up saying: "Success: Google Authenticator has been disabled".

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