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Item Highlight Color is the color the game uses to highlight items. Also known as the outline around items that are dropped in the game.

Note: Make sure you have your game closed or this will overwrite.

Changing your Item Highlight Color

To change your Item Highlight Color, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the following folder: "C:\Users\PCNAME\Documents\FredaikisAB\NewZ".
  2. Open the following file with notepad or any other text edit program: "gamesettings.ini".
  3. Scroll down until you find the following lines:
    • "items_loot_color_b (###)"
    • "items_loot_color_g (###)"
    • "items_loot_color_r (###)"

"(###)" in the example above stands as a placeholder for a 3 digit number that we are going to set in the next step.

Highlight Color (1).png
  1. Go to any website that can help you pick a color and display a RGB color code.
  2. Choose the color you want! In our example we are going to use blue:
  3. Using this tool the color code we received is "RGB (37, 107, 219)"
  4. Now this part is a bit confusing as the lines in the gamesettings.ini are not in the same order as the RGB output code.
  5. Put the first number (37) as "items_loot_color_r 37"
  6. Put the second number (107) as "items_loot_color_g 107"
  7. Put the third number (219) as "items_loot_color_b 219"
  8. Your 'gamesettings.ini' file should now look like this:
    Highlight Color (2).png
  9. Now save the file and your Item Highlight Color In-game is now blue.

Here's also a very useful tutorial made by TypeForced about how to change the item highlight color in Infestation: New Z

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